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The Future of Anti aging with Secret PRO

Secret Pro

Secret PRO offers clinically proven aesthetic procedures that uniquely combine two proven technologies- fractional CO2 and radio frequency microneedlng- to safely and effectively treat all layers of the skin.

The procedure options are ideal for skin revitalization concerns improving scarring, wrinkles and stretch marks while enhancing skin tone and texture and promoting neocollagenesis through skin resurfacing. The procedure can be customized based on your needs, whether you are looking for prejuvenation to keep your skin looking youthful OR for more of a corrective treatment to reverse the signs of aging. Ask us today about Secret PRO and all of the signature procedures.

Am I a candidate?

Secret PRO Refine

Is an excellent treatment for all skin tones, and those looking to improve s​kin's appearance on the face and body, all year long with little to no downtime.

Secret PRO Ultra light

Is safe and effective on fair to medium skin tones. It's ideal for maintaining youth​ful- looking skin with a series of quick healing treatments.

Secret PRO Ultra​

Is​ safe and effective for fair to medium skin tones. it's ideal for reversing the signs of aging with a single treatment.

Secret PRO Revive

Is safe ​and effective for fair to medium skin tones looking to reverse multiple signs of aging and improve overall texture and tone.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

Treatment sessions are determined by your provider. Typically 1-4 treatments are needed based upon your skin condition, need and goal.

How does it feel?

Your comfort is our priority! We use 2 different topical numbing creams and have other prescribed methods if needed to help alleviate discomfort.

Is there any downtime?

  • Secret PRO Refine: little to none
  • Secret PRO Ultra-Light: none to 2 days
  • Secret PRO ultra: 3 -7 days
  • Secret PRO Revive: dependent on skin condition

When will I see the results?

Maximum results are generally visible within 8-12 weeks with progressive improvement or when the exfoliation process is complete.

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